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Operation True Love – Information

Author of Story: Kkokkalee and Dledumb

Chapter Count: 89+

Status: Ongoing

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Trigger Warnings for This Series

This literary work may contain either the mentioning or obvious portrayal of the following issues. These trigger warnings do not reflect the contents of the review below; only the literary work itself.

  • Bullying
  • Abuse
  • Cheating
  • Blood
  • Violence
  • Murder
  • Death
  • Injury

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Main Plot

Operation True Love (also known as Pure Love Operation) is a romance and drama Webtoon with a very interesting premise. The main character is high school student Su-Ae Shim. She’s unfortunately a bit of a pushover who is in a toxic relationship with an awful, uncaring boyfriend named Minu.

One day, Su-Ae randomly discovers a strange pink flip phone (called a jellypop phone) in her school locker containing creepy stalker-like images and messages directed towards her. The phone reappears when she tries to get rid of it, and shows her something called “love points” for each person when she uses the camera. For some reason, Su-Ae has zero points.

The mysterious jellypop phone creeper slowly reveals more about this weird point system to Su-Ae, and even threatens to “eradicate” her if she doesn’t increase her love points. So she has to receive love, or she’ll die?!

If you couldn’t tell already, Operation True Love gives very dramatic k-drama vibes with really intense (and kind of unrealistic, but really enjoyable) characters. However, the plot and mystery of this crazy Webtoon hooks you in; and you’ll quickly find yourself hoping for Su-Ae to catch a break for once. The author actually makes it easy for you to want to see Su-Ae succeed, since she is a mistreated by pretty much everyone around her from the start. But, she also sort of lets this mistreatment happen to her, so you also wish to see her character growth.

Her top suspect for the jellypop funny-business is Minu’s best friend Eunhyeok Go, who Su-Ae seems to keep running into. But as they learn more about each other, that possibility becomes less likely and Eunhyeok becomes more of a potential love interest. Her love points seem to waver, but never truly stay past zero. Who’s behind the jellyphone, and why is Su-Ae not worthy of love in this mysterious point system?

Why I Enjoyed Operation True Love

Honestly this Webtoon is so enjoyable because of the drama. The characters are extreme and constantly act in unexpected ways. The plot itself is ridiculous and makes you want answers so badly! Su-Ae supposedly has no love points, but it’s so clear that there are people who do actually care about her, and maybe even start to grow feelings for her later on.

There’s also always a conflict or rivalry in this story that just brings the drama! And as we get further into the story, the drama begins to involve more and more romance. Both of the two male protagonists become really likable characters. And the female lead is already very funny and relatable at times. I love seeing most things from her perspective, because her inner thoughts are hilarious. Overall, there’s a lot of funny scenes in this Webtoon that make it even more crazy and enjoyable.

Speaking of characters, all the characters in Operation True Love are all very well thought out. Each character has their own reasoning and intentions behind their actions. Many characters have important backstories that make all the difference for their personalities. But we don’t get to see the whole puzzle from the start. This story almost feels like it was meant to be a mystery genre, because we only learn more about each person and the plot little by little, piece by piece. Overall, the plot is well written and exciting!

In terms of actual romance, I love the two male lead options. This Webtoon is one of the few stories that gave me second lead syndrome. Both of the prospective love interests are gorgeous, and have two very distinct personalities.

The first male protagonist in Operation True Love, Eunhyeok, is a moody character that’s unexpectedly kind of a marshmallow. He’s got a cool vibe and seems a bit rude from the first impression. Even though he misjudges Su-Ae at first, they become closer quickly. He finds himself caring for her more than expected, and can’t seem to ignore her! His character development was some of the most satisfying. I really like him and actually root for him as endgame with Su-Ae, but the second lead makes it very difficult.

True Love Operation Eunhyeok

Kkokkalee and Dledumb, Eunhyeok Go, Operation: True Love, Webtoon.

The second male lead, Dohwa Baek, is a very popular and well-known character in his school. He’s known for being gorgeous and is rumored to be an idol trainee. Although he seems to have lots of friends and followers, he doesn’t actually seem to be interested in any of them. He gains interest in Su-Ae, since she doesn’t seem to have ulterior motives when interacting with him.

She’s amusing to him, which is understandable because Su-Ae’s character is hilarious, very considerate of others, and genuine. The authors of Operation True Love really know how to write an interesting second lead! I didn’t think I would like him initially, but his character quickly pulls your heartstrings, making you desperately want to root for him.

Dohwa Operation True Love

Kkokkalee and Dledumb, Dohwa Baek, Operation: True Love, Webtoon.

Both of these two male leads have some family issues, both of which Su-Ae becomes aware of. However, I think her understanding personality and how her opinions of people don’t change because of their circumstances is part of what makes these boys attracted to her; among many other things. I love seeing these three characters’ relationships grow. Although I was torn on who to root for, I really enjoyed this aspect of the story.

A Couple Cons

There’s a few unexplained things in Operation True Love. We see that Minu wasn’t always a jerk, but what exactly causes him to treat Su-Ae so badly? Even with the circumstances of his situation explained in the story, I still find his character kind of confusing. Maybe he’s just an extra that’s meant to be hated.

I also really don’t like this “operation” that Su-Ae first comes up with to earn love points. She knows it’s wrong, and it is wrong. Yes her life is on the line, and that definitely would make you do anything to live, but I think other methods could have been chosen from the start. Luckily, we see as the story progresses that Su-Ae is actually a good person and not as shallow as this idea makes her seem.

Lastly, there is no explanation for the mysterious jellyphone person’s abilities or how they are able to do certain things. This includes how the point system and phone technology was created (since it’s sort of magical). It’s sort of all a plot hole, but I guess not all magical things necessarily need to have an explanation. Operation True Love is another story with magic that just exists, I guess.

More In-Depth Review (Warning: Spoilers!)

Okay, so there’s a lot happening in this story. Each character has an interesting way of acting. Let me review each person individually.

Firstly, Su-Ae and Minu dated and were happy to begin with. But Minu begins to fall in love with his girlfriend’s adoptive sister, Ra-Im. Ra-Im makes a move on Minu, and with the intention of dating Ra-Im instead, Minu offers to break up with Su-Ae. Ra-Im tells him to stay together with Su-Ae, supposedly to prevent hurting her.

This is another reason why I am confused by Minu’s rudeness and hatefulness towards Su-Ae. It’s so random. Even if he doesn’t love her anymore, he acts like he has some weird attachment to Su-Ae. Dating her seems to allow him to keep his pride and fulfill his ego (yuck) while having his true love (Ra-Im) on the side.

Ra-Im, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to like anybody; she has deep rooted insecurities, and a weird love-hate relationship towards her sister. It seems she has some intense jealousy towards Su-Ae; perhaps because she’s jealous of her family situation. Ra-Im’s character seems to not be happy with the things she is given in life, and thinks everything is being “taken” from her.

Su-Ae is a great female lead, but she’s a bit too nice for her own good. She puts up with Minu’s mistreatment for so long in the hopes of having a normal relationship with him. She’s nice to Ra-Im after finding out that she kissed Minu, and doesn’t even confront her because Su-Ae pities her. But we do see some character growth throughout the story as she tries to save herself from “elimination.” Su-Ae becomes more determined and confrontational, while still being a genuinely kind person.

Next, we have Eunhyeok. Eunhyeok misunderstood Su-Ae at first, but she later reveals to him her experience seeing the good romantic relationship between her parents, and learning that love requires effort. She thought her relationship with Minu just needed more effort, and Eunhyeok realizes he misjudged her (she’s not just a total pushover, but rather a genuine person). Eunhyeok also finds out from the start the truth about Su-Ae being cheated on by Minu. He feels bad for her, and agrees to help her out. With this, they slowly become friends as their initial impressions of each other are changed!

Additionally, it seems Eunhyeok is only friends with Ra-Im at the beginning because he relates to her family situation and feels bad for her. It’s clear that Eunhyeok’s experience with his family has affected his morals, because he quickly breaks off his friendship with Minu and Ra-Im once he finds out they are cheating together. However, he has trouble treating Su-Ae the same way, even though she wants to fight fire with fire. He knows she is different inside, even if he doesn’t truly understand her motivations. I absolutely loved their development from friends to eventually dating!

Lastly, we have the second male lead. Dohwa is a character who unexpectedly becomes quick friends with Su-Ae, and often shows some jealously over her relationship with Eunhyeok. He definitely cares more for her than others, but also doesn’t necessarily pursue her as much as I expected him to. He falls for her pretty hard, which really broke my heart! He finally found someone who he could be himself around, but it wasn’t meant to be, apparently.

Speaking of Dohwa, I almost wonder if he’ll unexpectedly end up as endgame with Su-Ae, solely because of what the weird jellypop guy says in the story about loving the second male lead in the fictional book “Cindy, the Black Rose of Versailles.” Also, Su-Ae’s web-novel continuation of that unfinished series is about the main character falling for the second male lead. That’d be a crazy twist for Operation True Love, especially with how the first (current) season ended. I really love the current established relationship with Eunhyeok, but I’m not opposed to a dramatic plot twist.

Other than the interesting characters, the point system in Operation True Love is suspicious, too. Su-Ae has zero points, yet clearly has a loving family, caring friends, and two boys falling for her. On the other hand, Dohwa has a huge number of points, yet nobody around him seems to genuinely care for him. He lives alone and works three jobs. Where are his parents? Why don’t his friends care about anything other than his appearance? It all makes the point system so mysterious and suspicious. It’s exciting to see this addressed more in recent chapters, and makes me wonder how the authors will let things play out!

Overall, the story so far is very enjoyable and clearly has a well-written web of personalities, intentions, and secrets!

Final Thoughts

Operation True Love is a fantastic, fun, and drama-filled story with a unique plot. I love the crazy and weird love point system, the relatable main character, and the other two attractive protagonists. The story stays romantic, fun, and interesting with crazy, unexpected twists. I love stories that take high school romances and make the plot totally unexpected and unique, especially since this genre can get repetitive fast. It also seems as though we’ll get to see the characters at an older age, too! The authors of Operation True Love did a great job at keeping things super interesting and fun, so definitely give this eccentric Webtoon a read!

Disclaimer: Any images used for this blog are for illustrative purposes only, are not owned by me, and are under ownership of the artist or publisher.

Images Credit: Kkokkalee and Dledumb, Operation: True Love. Webtoon, 2022. https://www.webtoons.com/en/romance/operation-true-love/list?title_no=4465.


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